About me

Starting 1999

I am born 1982 and first came into contact with investing when my parents signed for an ISDN internet connection in 1999. The stock market was a hype by then. It should last for another 2 years. I entered stock market forums such as Wallstreet Online and was fascinated by how easy people tend to make money by “investing”  in stocks.

I baught my first shares in year 2000 making some hundred bucks of profit with Infinion shares. Lucky enough that I exited before the crash.

Work, study, work

I started an ordinary local banking apprenticship, somehow digesting the stock market crash in 2001/02. I gladly convinced myself to try studying thereafter. It turned out to be the best investment decision I made so far: investing in my own education. My self-financed Masters in Accounting & Finance at one of the top schools in the UK enabled me to secure a decent job. I entered Investment Banking straight from University. Recently I quit banking and joint a Private Equity team.

Taking losses

I suffered some heavy losses on my first earned capital in 2011 when the DAX crashed another 30%. I was really frustrated by then. I realized that I was missing a strategy on which I can base my investment decisions. Since my job literally consumed my life, it took me another 2 years to become clear of the right investment strategy for myself. Since 2013 I am accumulating dividend growth stocks.

The new strategy

The idea of accumulating passive income with sustainable dividend growth stocks best fits my personal requirements. The idea is based on two pillars:

  1. Accumulating dividend growth stocks with a sustainable business models and a history of increased dividend payments
  2. Strict personal cost containment combined with regular saving contributions

The strategy requires little action once the investment is executed. Its a classical buy and hold approach. I would describe the style as value investing however, considering dividend growth opportunities.

Encouraging followers

With this blog I intend to give some valuable advice to people interested in accumulating wealth. I try to go beyond the daily trash of personal finance advice. Sharing my professional knowledge as Investment Banker and Private Equity investor provides the interested reader with information that cannot easliy be obtained in the mainstream media.

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