AbbVie – Global biopharmaceutical company with 3.6% yield

AbbVie LogoOn the 11th of March I bought shares in AbbVie (ABBV) at a price of USD 56.50 and a yield of 3.6%. At this price, Abbvie fulfilled five of seven of my investment criteria that I follow to build up financial independence. Find a detailed analysis here (PDF file).

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Welcome everybody to my new dividend investor blog!

Nothing much to read right now? Don’t worry! I am just getting started. Instead of keeping my “investment knowledge” for myself I decided to share it with interested readers. Why I think I have investment knowledge? Well, some of you might think (and often you are right) that in the financial services industry you don’t learn a lot for life, one thing is sure: you know the math and the analytics to make investment decisions of any kind. How you use or sell them is a different story, obviously!

So, this blog is for you to follow my ideas on how to build-up and maintain a dedicated investment strategy for investing in dividend growth stocks around the globe. I will timely provide you with in-detail research on selected stocks that found the way from my screening process, to my watchlist and finally to my portfolio. These stock purchases will be checked against my pre-defined investment criteria making the investment process easy to follow for you. I especially take into consideration the perspective of a German investor. As time comes by, you will enjoy tools, tips & tricks on how to establish a dividend strategy for yourself and follow your own investment (and expense) process to finally become a real dividend investor. Stay tuned and let’s keep adding a little financial independence as time passes by!